Josie Gimple DPT, ATP/SMS, MHA

Executive Director

Josie Gimple began her career working with individuals with spinal cord injury over ten years ago at a local rehab hospital on the spinal cord injury unit. She has been active in the community by coordinating and leading the a local support group for nearly eight years. Throughout the years, she has been involved with various activities including adaptive rowing, sled hockey, and OKASA (formally GODSA). 

She is excited about the future of this organization. 

Dana DuRoy OTR/L

Vice Chairman

Dana DuRoy is an occupational therapist (OT) and serves as the Program Manager of the SCI team at Jim Thorpe Rehab.  She started as an OT on the SCI team in 1994 and shortly after found her love and passion for those with SCI’s as well as seating and positioning. After working on the floor for 8 years, Dana completed her MBA and transferred to INTEGRIS Home Care as their therapy manager.  In 2010 she returned to the SCI floor at Jim Thorpe, where  she currently manages.  Even though she is no longer seeing patients daily, she loves to keep up with everyone's progress.  She is excited to see what this organization can do for the community, and has a great desire to watch our community grow.  

Steve Asbury, ATP


Steve Asbury is an assistive technology professional (ATP).  He grew up in a family pharmacy business, working within the disabled population from a very young age.  While in college he worked as a technician and delivery driver for a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company.  His experience in this community inspired him to open his own DME/Complex Rehab company in 2000.  In 2014, he sold his company to Saint Francis Health Systems, and currently I work for the health system as Regional Rehab Manager for Oklahoma.  

He has several other businesses, some relating to the disabled community, aiding in building awareness and support as we;; as changing the mindset of learned helplessness. He is an entrepreneur by heart. He has been on the board for several non profits over the years and has helped establish and build other non profit organizations from their infancy.  His calling is to continue his work within this community; pushing down barriers to develop a positive supportive community for all of those in need. He is honored and excited to be part of this.

Adam Lane

Prior to a motorcycle accident in 2007, Adam Lane worked as a paramedic in the Kansas City Metro Area. His accident caused a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the belly button down. About a year after his injury, his Physical Therapist contacted me to see if he would be interested in helping her start the Kansas City Chapter of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (this was prior to them joining with United Spinal). He jumped at the chance to be of service and was on the board until he moved to OKC in January 2018. He served as the President of that board for the last 5 years he was there.

Following his injury, he got into triathlon and competed for about 5 years. He went to National Championships four times and World Championships twice. During that time, he worked part time jobs in order to be able to train and travel. One of the part time positions he had was as the Regional Coordinator for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. He recruited, trained, and managed mentors for their peer and family mentor program. Once he got out of racing, he got involved in doing yoga and began teaching yoga. Once he had the time, he finally got a full time job selling medical supplies for Numotion, and did that for a little over a year before his territory was closed. He went from there and worked in Development and Community Relations for a center for independent living. He found out about a position open with United Access, and decided to take the challenge of a new job and new city, and moved to Oklahoma City.

He is passionate about advocacy for people with disabilities, both at the local and federal level, and getting people recently injured more involved in their community through sports or leisure.

Steven Scalzo

Steven Scalzo is retired from Federal Civil Service and the US Air Force.  He is a volunteer in the Durable Medical Equipment Wheelchair Seating Clinic at the Oklahoma City Veterans Hospital providing both power and manual wheelchairs to veterans. Steve also volunteers as a Reeve Peer Mentor with Integris Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation to provide insights and support for newly injured spinal cord injury patients.  During his 36 year Federal Civil Service/Air Force career he managed the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center’s Depot Maintenance financial, workload, and manpower programs.  In his tenure he also managed the transformation and revitalization initiatives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the industrial complex and he also served as the chief of the C/KC-135 Aircraft Programmed Depot Maintenance operation directing the use of manpower, equipment, and materials used in the repair, modification and overhaul process.  Steve is keenly interested in helping people with disabilities become active and healthy through disabled sports.  He is very active in hand cycling with Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing and participates in many races around the country.

Kristi Self MD

Kristi Self is a physiatrist for Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital and helps to direct the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) programs.  She trained at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and at TIRR. She has special interests in the care of SCI patients and sees many in her outpatient practice.  She has a passion to keep patients out of nursing homes and thriving in their community.  She would love to see an interdisciplinary clinic for the care of this population, and ultimately, an assisted living complex designed especially for them.  

Curtis Singleton

Curtis Singleton has had physical challenges since he was 16. He fell off a cliff mountain climbing and was paralyzed from the waist down. He became able to walk again and several years later had a tumor in the center of his spinal cord. This lead to cobalt radiation and numerous surgeries which continued over a

period of 20 years and lead to his present state as an incomplete quadriplegic. Curtis has been in a

wheelchair full time for about 10 years or so.

Curtis is a Real Estate Appraiser by profession and has been in business for 40 years with Singleton

& Associates, LLC of whom I am President. He has served on several professional boards in my

profession. He currently serves on the board of OKASA (Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association). He is a peer mentor visitor at Valir Rehabilitation Hospital and am seeking professional training to be able

to expand in this area to give back a perspective of what I have lived with for 45 years. Although he is not a veteran, he is an associate member of the PVA (Paralyzed Veterans Association) where I

participate in a number of events. I also serve on the Mayor’s Committee on Disability Concerns.

I look forward to being a part of an active chapter where we can become a resource for either recent or

long term spinal cord injuries as well as the family and caregivers. I believe that we must all work

together as a community in order to better serve the SCI community.

Paige Stuart CTRS

Paige Stuart is a Recreational Therapist. She began working at Parkside Psychiatric hospital in Tulsa in 2010 for a brief period after her internship. Shortly after she began working at Jim Thorpe  (JT) Rehab- South where she developed her love and knowledge of SCI! She worked at JT for about 4 years and volunteered for various adaptive events and sports. In 2014 she made the difficult decision to leave the clinical setting and entered the community setting at The Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges in Tulsa. She still gets her clinical fix in at various times teaching art classes, coaching wheelchair softball, power hockey, and power soccer. She is looking forward to this organization being a prominent resource in Oklahoma for those who have SCI/D and a resource to stay connected to the community and live active lives.

Kristina Thai PT, DPT, CBIS

Kristina Thai is a physical therapist that graduated from the University of St. Augustine - Austin, TX in 2015. She has practiced in skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities,  long term acute care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation and is currently practicing in the acute care setting.  She has worked with spinal cord injury patients both traumatic and non-traumatic, at various ages, and neurological levels of injuries. She looks forward to being a part of the United Spinal Association because she believes in being an advocate for survivors and sees this as an opportunity to continue to connect and be a resource to those with spinal cord injuries as they transition in to the community.